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History & Back to the future?

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:40 pm
by dabbler
I ran across these while googling around. The first one is a brief but
well written rundown on the history and current use of the Fusor. The
second is a PDF concerned with the multipactor effect in satellite
communications and other microwave applications.

Of the two, the latter is most likely of the greatest interest to forum
members. The paper is entitled _Multipactor in Low Pressure Gas_.
Two things crossed my mind on this. Might the anamolous events
experienced by by Fostini and Rosenstiel have been multipactor

The other thought I had concerned the use of a modified magnetron in
a fusor, but that'll have to wait until I qualify "hands on."

dabbler. ... fusor.html ... documents/

NOTE: This link does not post properly and for once that is a good
thing. Download Udiljak's other papers from this directory. He as a
long paper on the use of microwaves to ionize gases.