More Reference Books- updated regularly

A place to keep track of reference material - any particularly useful books, articles, etc. should be listed here.
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More Reference Books- updated regularly

Post by 3l » Sun Feb 23, 2003 3:45 pm

Nuclear Fusion
Dr William P Allis
CR 1960

An Interesting book on the early but not too early fusion effort.
Covers all types of pinchs, Arcs,and most interestingly ion sources of the high volume type. Covers the Stellator in great detail. It is full of math of the graduate level but it is profusely illustrated with neat pictures and diagrams.

The Elements of Nuclear Reactor Theory
CR 1952
Not too useful in the fusion sense but filled with detection and safety concerns and shield design. More fun with neutrons.
Another book with a load of math. A book that is as old as I am
but the neutron physics section is worth the price of admission and more.

Michio Kaku
Isbn 0-385-47705-8

It is the first book I've seen in a long time that collects together
all the physics theories under one roof. It developes the history of how geometric physics came to pass. Starts at Aristotle and proceeds century by century giving a birds eye view on all the
progress of physical laws and their mathematics. I barely knew much about Reinman theory but after I read through the book
tensors didn't seem too difficult to handle anymore. Very interesting but be warned it take a while to go through it...It took me a year to read and digest it.

Beam Defense
Fusion Energy Foundation
Papart Henke
ISBN 0-8166-4138-1

Everything you ever wanted to know about dirrected energy weapons. Covers Star wars..fusion and Teller's xray laser.
Fels, Pulse generation and laser intercept.

Project Orion
The true story of the Atomic Spaceship
George Dyson
ISBN 0-8050-5985-7

a great read...plenty of facts and details.

"Project Orion describes one of the most awesome "might have beens" (and may yet bes) of the space age. This is essential reading for anyone interested in government bureaucracies and the military - industrial complex"
Sir Arthur Clarke

Hacking Matter

The folks at Bell Labs,MIT have done it again.

A series of fundamental discoveries in semiconductors have wrought artificial atoms ,Quantum dots,wires and single electon transistors.


The unique trait of a quantum dot as opposed to any other electronic component is that electrons trapped in it will arrange themselves as though they were part of an atom,even though their is no nucleus for them to surround. What atom they emulate depends on the number of electrons and the geometry of the wells that confine them.,in fact were a normal atom is spherical,such "designer atoms" can be fashioned into cubes or tetrahedrons or any other shape ,and filled with vastly more electrons than any real nucleus could support,to produce "atoms" with properties that simply don't exist in nature.


Programmable atoms no less!

The flick of a switch:a wall becomes a window becomes a hologram generator. Any chair becomes a hypercomputer,
Any roof a powerplant or water treatment system.
Imagine being able to program matter itself - to change it,with the click of a mouse from hard to soft from paper to stone,from flourescent to superreflective to invisible.
Quantum mechanics writ large!

Wil Mc Carthy
Isbn 0-465-04429-8

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