A place to keep track of reference material - any particularly useful books, articles, etc. should be listed here.
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Post by Richard Hull » Wed Jan 08, 2003 3:49 pm

Let's start book reviews here too. Let us make this only for books that have been recommended already. Obviously, however, the first posting of a suggested book is effectively a book review with glowing reports by the poster. That is what this forum is all about.

It would be great if you take the original advice and purchase a copy of a suggested book and go to the original posting and REPLY to it with your commentary regarding your impressions of the suggested book. Thus far, only Dave Cooper and I have responded on books (positively I might add).

So help out here. Others lurking and contributing might be on the edge regarding purchase. A nice "I got one and loved it" posting would be a boost.

Again, do not post a book review as a separate post! Go to where it was recommended first and then hit REPLY and give your thoughts and comments.

Oh, if you already have the book and know it is great a nice review with your comments would also be nice.

All this will assist those on limited budgets in purchase decisions such that they can get the "best of the best" for their libraries.

Now those who have the books already listed get busy and go to those original postings and REPLY with and a short commentary and review. I'll do the same.

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