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Ionization Chambers and Counters

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2002 2:24 pm
by Richard Hull
The above titled book by D. H. Wilkinson, 1950, Cambridge University Press is a superlative reference on the subject ahd goes into vast and specific details which will thrill those who hunger for the specifics about ionization chambers, proportional counters and geiger counters. Also covered are a lot of "odd fish" type counters rarely encountered or even mentioned today. A good "hand" could build directly from the included data. Highly recommended.

This not to be confused with the Rossi & Staub book by the same title name published in 1949, which is mentioned by Richard Hester in his "potpourri" posting just prior to this. I also highly recommend Rossi & Staub's book, as well. Ya' just can't have enough of these solid old refs!

Richard Hull