Books on neutrons and neutron physics

A place to keep track of reference material - any particularly useful books, articles, etc. should be listed here.
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Books on neutrons and neutron physics

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Apr 25, 2002 3:54 am

"Fundamental Properties of the Neutron". Yu A. Alexandrov, 1992. Modern text with good info. in it. I recommend it to those wanting the latest data and a good historical reference as well.

"Neutrons, Nuclei and Matter - An Exploration of the physics of Slow Neutrons", J Byrne, 1994. Good parts in the beginning and the latest in pie in the sky quarkoid machinations in the rear. I only have it because the $80.00 PAPER BACK version was on sale for $17.00 at a local bookshop!

"Fast Neutron Physics", vols I and II, Marion & Fowler, 1960. I can't say enough about these gems. THE OLD STUFF IS THE BEST STUFF! Tons of real world info. that we hunger for in this long out of print , massive 2 volume set. If you struggle to get these, it will prove just how tough you are in the effort to have sage wisdom at your finger tips.

"Introduction to Neutron Physics", Curtiss, 1959. Another good old text and more readily obtainable than the Marion& Fowler set above. A highly recommended second reference.

"Neutron Physics", Beckurts and Wirtz, 1959. (German) American Translation out in 1964 by Springer-Verlag Another relatively tough title to secure. A good tome by A couple of ex-deutsche atom bomb jockeys for der Fuehrer (reformed, of course). Wirtz was detained at Farm Hall after the war.
As with all german stuff, it is good and concise, highly mathematical and perhaps a bit too heavy for a quick rinse in neutron physics. Recommended only to those who gotta' have it all.

"Pile Neutron Research", Hughes, 1953. Great source book on neutron flux handling, shielding, neutron activation, neutron beam stearing, etc. This was the big boys gearing up for the Atoms for Peace era. Where can you find a pile today?! They are all gone, but the stuff they taught is all here. Piles were relatively benign and ran at flea power levels compared to nuclear plants. Most were air cooled! I rate this work as quite worth having.

The above are in my library and I refer to all of them now and again, but always hit the Marion and Fowler books first.

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