A place to keep track of reference material - any particularly useful books, articles, etc. should be listed here.
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Post by Peter Schmelcher » Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:09 pm

Two books that are worth a look:

High Voltage Engineering Practice and Theory
This is a text book circa 2000 130pages with graphs and pictures. I downloaded a draft version. Starts with a historical introduction and moves on to practical equations, tables, graphs etc. In an example problem calculus was suggested as a solution method along with guessing, so no heavy math.

Very serious reference book circa 1966 850pages. I downloaded a hardcover scanned version but I see some used paperback versions for $30. This is a comprehensive overview of vacuum systems for researchers with lots of citations to published work should you need to go deeper to solve a problem. A wealth of practical information.
Some interesting book bits, Torr Seal (also known as Hysol 1C) epoxy is good to 1x10exp-10 Torr but with a upper service temperature of 100C (got the T-shirt) and some cyanoacrylates are also ok. Liquid vacuum seals are a real thing and it’s not just a tall mercury column, they use the surface tension of a thin film of oil or liquid metal.


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