Basic Processes of Gaseous Electronics, by Loeb

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Basic Processes of Gaseous Electronics, by Loeb

Post by Cai Arcos » Mon May 18, 2020 8:23 am

This is the definitive book on electrical conduction on gases and related phenomena, such as recombination or the mobility of ions. Published in 1961, it is the modern equivalent to the previous "bible" on the subject by the same author, Fundamental Processes of Electrical Discharges in Gases, published in 1939. In the cover, one can read the following: "This book is humbly dedicated to that group of capable and enthusiastic young physicists ... [who], during and since World War Two, have rejuvenated the field of Gaseous Electronics". While the rigour is high and there are numerous mathematical derivations, the author always remains grounded on describing physical phenomena, often writing a brief historical introduction to the topic in question.
If you want to read it online (or get an appreciation of the book before buying it), it is readily available in

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