Two Vacuum Engineering Titles

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Chris Giles
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Two Vacuum Engineering Titles

Post by Chris Giles » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:00 pm

I found two useful Vacuum Engineering books which can be found cheaply 2nd hand. I was looking for introductory books which would explain both the science and the practical aspects for building the vacuum system.

Principles of Vacuum Engineering, Pirani & Yarwood, 1961
This book covers the full breadth of technical aspects of constructing vacuum systems but is of course very dated. Ideally what i wanted was a modern version of this book, but i couldn't find such a thing for prices less than the 100 GBP mark. Being very old, this book can be had for next to nothing.

A User's Guide to Vacuum Technology, John O'Hanlon, 2nd Ed 1989
This book is good balance of theory and practical application. It covers gas properties and gas flow, gauges, pumps including turbos, materials/joints and complete vacuum systems. I would recommend this as a very useful book to have. 2nd hand is in the region of 10 GBP. There is a 3rd Ed, 2003 but this is currently 130 GBP!

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Re: Two Vacuum Engineering Titles

Post by ian_krase » Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:33 am

Huh, written by the very Mr. Pirani himself.

Michael Bretti
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Re: Two Vacuum Engineering Titles

Post by Michael Bretti » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:35 pm

I have several excellent vacuum engineering books that I obtained used for only a few dollars online that you may be interested at looking into. I have read them all several times, and reference them heavily for my own vacuum calculations and research. They have been invaluable to my endeavors and knowledge on the subject. The old textbooks on this topic have an amazing wealth of knowledge, a lot of it you can't find anywhere else that seems to be lost nowadays. I will write up a list with prices and where to find them. Anyone who is serious about high vacuum sciences should read them and similar texts. Texts written by the pioneers of the science themselves like Mr. Pirani are must reads since most texts written after reference their work.

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