9 rotary pumps for sale! Varian, Pfeiffer, Edwards, Trivac

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9 rotary pumps for sale! Varian, Pfeiffer, Edwards, Trivac

Post by RobertMendelsohn » Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:25 pm

Hello all,

If you've been waiting for a deal on high-quality vacuum pumps, this is your lucky day! I'm selling 9 high-end vacuum pumps. These were several thousand dollars apiece new, and go for significant sums refurbished or used. I got these originally from both a research university lab and a local scanning electron microscopy company that went out of business. I have used several of them in a metal vapor vacuum arc source and mass spectrometer as roughing pumps and as a backing pump to diffusion pumps, and they work great. Very quiet and they can literally run for months uninterrupted - many of their manuals suggest you check on them every 14 days! I'm motivated to sell these quickly and would accept below-market offers. I'd be happy to know the pumps will be used by those in the fusion community. I have for sale:

2x Edwards E2M5 ((asking ~$500 OBO) compare to $1500 refurbished)
2x Edwards E2M8 ((asking ~$550 OBO) compare to $1600 refurbished)
1x Trivac D8A ((asking ~$550 OBO) compare to $1800 refurbished)
1x Pfeiffer Duo 008B ((asking ~$700 OBO) compare to $2000 refurbished)
2x Varian DS302 ((asking ~$800 OBO) compare to $2400 refurbished)
1x Trivac D16A ((asking ~$800 OBO) compare to $2400 refurbished)

I will post photos, specs., and their tested ultimate vacuum later in this thread. I can re-wire any of these if you need a different voltage, and would be happy to advise any people new to the world of vacuum technology on how to hook it up to your present system (fittings, valves, which oil to use, gas ballasts, etc.). Believe me, it pays to have a nice rotary pump; quiet, easy, fast pumping, minimal oil mist, the benefits go on. All of these would be shipped from Dallas, Texas, and you're welcome to pick them up if you're local. Be aware these pumps are 30-60 pounds for shipping. Please feel free to ask me any questions, and PM me if you have an offer. I would consider some trades, especially for fast-acting gas valves (puff valves or pulse valves or piezoelectric valves), high-frequency power supplies, long chambers, and complete turbopumps. Thank you for your consideration!



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