Tubbs Accelerator Talk: 2015 HEAS

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Re: Tubbs Accelerator Talk: 2015 HEAS

Post by John Futter » Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:19 am

A very good presentation
To answer some Questions asked
For those using VDG for terminal voltage generation it is better to use Transil diodes in reverse bias PKE1.6400A types are good for secondary electron suppression
You do not have to divide off the main chain as the secondaries will charge the secondary electrode to the breakdown of the transil string see previous posts from me on this
Below breakdown leakage current is femto amps.

Aluminium is not a good target material for D2 H2 as it does not stay resident ie it permeates out very quickly
hence commercial neutron generators use copper nickel or titanium targets, SS is good to.
After 10 ^19 deuterium atoms per sq cm the target will bubble and flake ie surface damage as evidenced in some of
Robert's pics
X-ray generation is entirely due to secondary electron return to the ion source. Contain the secondaries you have seriously reduced the x-ray production.

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