Glassman WX schematic and input voltage mods

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Glassman WX schematic and input voltage mods

Post by John Griessen » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:53 pm

plasma application -- an easy modification
I got helpful schematics for the WX series of suuplies from Glassman HV. When I mentioned the supply would be used for fusors he suggested to do the modificatioin for faster response when driving a plasma,"Given the plasma application, there is an easy modification you should do to allow faster transitions from voltage to current mode and vice-versa. Just clip out Q7 from the AD board in the front of the unit. Schematic attached. Let me know how it performs for you.


I've sold this supply, so can't respond. If you try it out, please tell here and tell me so I can get back to Mr. Miller of Glassman HV.
top schematic series WX
WX schematic p3
WX schematic p2

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