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Re: Yet another HV power supply project

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:00 am
by John Futter
When I was building a 160kV x-ray supply at work
I was using Crimson Mosfet audio amp power modules 240 watt from RS components from memory. I used 2 48 volt 4 amp smpsu's to supply the amps rail requirements I even asked the makers if they could handle 100kHz.
which they could not continuously but I was driving at 30kHz which they said was fine for full power.
A good mosfet power amp should be able to go to 100kHz for a short time, while bipolar amps the usual limit is 50kHz.
I suggest some real impedance in the form of "R" in series with the primary to protect the amp and a convenient point to measure the primary conditions.

Re: Archived - Yet another HV power supply project

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:49 am
by Muhammad Faidzul
Hi Rich,

Sorry for late reply, I had a gout on my right ankle on Oct 13 and couldn't walk for 3 weeks.

Regarding your request for my Bennett HV tank driver board related to this post: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=11088

The Board is fed with DC pulsed signal from the Function Generator, normally at 50% duty cycle. I adjusted the duty cycle on my board because i didn't get a nice square wave at the Mosfet output. The Boards function is to switch the polarity of the output to IGBT at around 30-100+kHz rate with amplitude Vp = supply voltage (in my case i used a 12v battery) making a Vp-p of 24volts. The reason I used a function generator instead of a fixed pulse output from a 555 timer is because it was initially for my CW tesla coil. I was too lazy to keep tapping the primary of the tesla coil for resonance, so instead I varied the frequency on the Function Generator to find its resonance (Its resonated at 175Khz). Feel free to modify the circuit.
Switch Board.png
This circuit is the top view. Blue line is the PCB copper. Red wire is the jump wire on top of the board.
This board is to drive a Power Mosfet or IGBT. But I think you might be able to connect directly to the P1 and P2 connection of the tank to get a small spark on the HV end. Its better to have a DC blocking capacitor between you square wave power supply and HV tank for safety. And make sure the tank is filled with transformer oil.