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Jon Rosenstiel
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Re: West Coast HEAS Realtime Pictures

Post by Jon Rosenstiel » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:18 pm

The wife and I had a great time hosting this small event, but boy, the next day I felt like I had been out all night partying. (Guess I’m not as young as I once was).

Guys, thanks for all the compliments and thanks for taking the time to drive up here. (Fly out here in Frank’s case)

My lab demo consisted of neutron activating a small piece of indium, then, using my Ortec HPGe detector, collecting the activation product’s gamma-ray spectrum on one MCA while measuring its half-life on another MCA.

The first image shows In-116m’s gamma-ray spectrum. Peaks are captioned with energy and (in parentheses) intensity. (Intensity is a measure of the number of gamma-rays emitted per 100 beta decays).

The second image shows 54.3-minute In-116m’s decay rate. Considering the count-rate was nothing to write home about I was quite surprised that the measured half-life value came out as close as it did. (A little luck involved here)

Jon Rosenstiel
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Richard Hull
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Re: West Coast HEAS Realtime Pictures

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:14 pm

Nice event and nice images! One of these gatherings never fails to encourage and enthuse. Your West Coast event might grow, one never knows.

Nice activation charts and graphs of the Indium activation and decay. Really well done, indeed. Wish I could have been there.

My first event, (Teslathon, back then in 1989), had our own 6 members in Richmond and 8 others attend from MD, NJ, and NY. Last year we had 58, If you include me and th' wife. The telsthon never died, it morphed into the HEAS event, so my event is unbroken for 22 years.

Already, my coined name "teslathon" has several tesla coil based events around the country each year. I just attended the Rochester Teslathon last weekend that was modeled after my own and is the largest and oldest after my own. ~50 people normally attend with a very robust fleamarket. I sold U ore, Trinitite and GM counters.

Jon's event might grow to have a small fleamarket as well. That would be cool and unique to the west coast. Fleamarkets for fusioneers helps spread hard to get goodies around to th' needy with some funds. Based on Jon's specific event just held, his is the second HEAS (High Energy Amateur Science) event held in the US, though informal gatherings of one, two or three fusioneers have occured elsewhere.

To make such an HEAS event...
1. It must be sheduled, (planned in advance)
2. Last the bulk of a day, at least
3. Food or munchies, at least, should be served and plans for some meals made even if going out to a restaurant together.
4. Some group discussions should also take place, whether formal or informal.
5. There must be operating high energy gear, chemical demos, or other such things taking place at some point in the event.
6. A fleamarket would be nice but not required.

Fleamarkets are often the anchor that builds and sustains future planned events. The realization that you might bring home some new or needed goody while turning some of your spares or unused junk into cash or secure a good trade, really pushes one to attend in a unique way. If you are already interested in the material and items seen at the event, the socializing with similar oddballs like yourself, then the fleamarket is often the clincher.

Richard Hull
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Frank Sanns
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Re: Archived - West Coast HEAS Realtime Pictures

Post by Frank Sanns » Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:20 pm

At Jon's house, as all of us were meeting in the living room, there was a swarm of hummingbirds that kept looking in the window. It seemed strange enough for comment about being monitored to ensue and then laughed off as paranoid absurdity. It is obviously absurd.

Frank Sanns

Todd Massure
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Re: Archived - West Coast HEAS Realtime Pictures

Post by Todd Massure » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:30 pm

Someone is on to us!
So when they say it costs $4 that for one drone??

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