Archived - Historical Images I

Current images of fusor efforts, components, etc. Try to continuously update from your name, a current photo using edit function. Title post with your name once only. Change image and text as needed. See first posting for details.
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Archived - Historical Images I

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:10 pm

I am going to load up the archived images with historical material that might be of interest.

Tom Ligon's effort was a professional one and not an amateur effort as he was tasked by his employer Robert Bussard to make the fusor to attract amateur interests at my 1997 Teslathon.

The first image shows Tom at the white board in my lab explaining fusor principles to those assembled for his talk at the 1997 Teslathon at Richard Hull's lab.

The next image shows Tom's plus ultra demo device shown at my 1999 October Teslathon. Again, this is a professional device (doc Bussard/EMC2 paid for all the goodies) This was to replace Tom's original, destroyed demo fusor

This device would become the first device used by EMC2 to actually DO any significantly measured FUSION. Later, Tom would be tasked to upgrade this demo device to do fusion (~2001) for test purposes and insturment calibration in the EMC2 polywell effort. The device was moved from Manassas VA to their San Diego location.

I do not know where this device is now.

check out the whole series of progressive historical images: ... 794#p55753 ... 795#p55754 ... 796#p55755 ... 797#p55756

Richard Hull
1999 (4).JPG
Tom Ligon explains the fusor principles at the 1997 Teslathon
Tom Ligon demos his professional demo fusor at a conference.
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Re: Archived - Historical Images I

Post by Paul_Schatzkin » Sat May 24, 2008 2:39 pm

Judging from this link, our images permissions issue is solved.

Cool pictures, too.

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