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Archived- Fusor version 0.8 and a bit (UPDATE 30/8/06)

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:25 pm
by UG!
a more detailed description of the changes made since the last version and the reasons for them will be posted in the fusor construction forum, but for now here are some pics of my new system.

i consider this system a different one to my last one, in that i will (hopefully) be able to do fusion with this one, and it has had and will have considerably more money spent on it.

the first 3 pics are of the high vacuum system and chamber.
the 4th pic shows the results of my battle with non-standard and non-matching fittings. these will be replaced with KF stuff as it turns up on ebay.

the 5th and 6th pics are of the plasma about 40 microns, quite low voltage. the plasma is actuialy purple, but the silly webcam insisted on 'correcting' the white balance

UPDATE 30/8/06:
pic 7: the adjustable leak system. the valve with a green knob is a bellows sealed shut off valve to isolate the chamber compleatly. the next valve is a normal swagelok needle valve, followed by a 3 way needle valve. above the 3 way valve is a PTFE sealed valve and an air filter for air admitance. below the 3 way valve is a swagelok quickconnect which will be conected to the D sauce via a metal flexy tube.

pic 8: some igbts i might use in the PSU if they turn out to be working. total overkill as i'm aiming at about a 700W psu :)


Re: Archived- Fusor version 0.8 and a bit (UPDATE 5/7/06)

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:27 pm
by Richard Hull
This is how it out to be done here. Good medium sized iages, lots of detail and solid pix of the results. Archived for sure and a fine example of reporting and recording work and gear.

Good luck in squeezing fusion out of your rig. Looks like you are good to go.

Richard Hull