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Archived - Vacuum pump system and chamber

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 11:26 pm
by henryhallam
Here's a photo of my new (to me) vacuum system - an Speedivac single stage rotary backing an Edwards diff pump to get down to about 2E-6 Torr, without any baking out.

More details and photos on my website:

Edit: 6th Oct 2004
Our chamber has finally arrived from the welder's! Looks like he did a good job although we won't know until it's pumped down.
It consists of two 8" hemispheres with 10" ISO flanges, and four 2.75" conflat half-nipples attached. One will be used for the viewport and the other three are spare, for future experimentation with ion guns, filaments etc. There is a 50kV-rated feedthrough permanently welded at the top.

Fergus picked it up this morning and I have cleaned it but haven't yet tightened the conflat bolts.
Question: How critical is the tightening? Do I need to buy a torque wrench?

Click here for more photos (high res)