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Archived - Girls can do it too.

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 3:36 pm
by Starfire
These Photos. show a " Tea Trolly" Fusor built as a school science fair project. It is made from scavanged, cheap and donated parts. The favorate is the Scint Detector made from a SS Spaghetti tin. ( and internal magnetic screen -thanks Tom :) The HV-PSU is a hi-freq 15kv 20ma Neon pack. Much work was put into the write-up.

1. Tea Trolley Fusor including backing and oil pumps.
2. Finished Scintillator.
3. Fitting the bridge diodes.
4. Grid orientation discussion.
5. Lapping requires elbow grease as well as Diamond paste.
6. Scint bits.
7. SS Washer inner grid.
8. Checking background.
9. Wax Moderator moulding.