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Archived - Phil Fostini Reporting In

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 3:10 am
by pfostini
I took a quick picture of the fusor, still under the ion pump. I have been upgrading many items over time. Nim Bins, Scope, Counters, and a soon to be Canberra 35. I liked Jon's and my series 10 is just too hard to read. Two NaI detectors, neutron bf3 detector and an assortment of GM/scintillator detectors, BC 720 and some clones.

I kept blowing my switching power supply and purchased a few 100 kv x-ray transformers that I am in the process of wiring.

I have a mass flow for metering the D2/He3 and a model 247 4 channel contoller, On the vacuum side I have a throttle valve and controller. With this I can hold optimum pressure within .5 microns, no fussing with valves. All Ebay. The RGA I bought new.

Just to refresh what I have: the Vac system is a Varian Macrotorr 350 turbo backed by another turbo and dry diaphram pump. The rough pump is a varain Scroll pump. When the fusor is not used it is held under vacuum by a 220 lps Ion pump at 10-8 torr. All the pressure equipment is MKS baratron instruments and varian ion guages Heat tape on all the Stainless. Cost - 1 Chrysler minivan!

Re: Phil Fostini Reporting In

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2004 5:52 am
by pfostini
The fusor puts out 1800 CPM using my BC720. If I remeber I was hitting some hi Neuts/sec. The power supply could not handle much more. If you want to do the math- BC 720 / PMT 2" dia. Exactly 6" from Poiser gave me 1800 CPM. I am a bit rusty.

The ball of foil is covering the heated nude ionization guage. In fact the entire station is kept at 100C.

I just found a very small leak last night and I will mention it in the Vac Forum.