Archived - Frank Sanns. Air Plasma and Fusion Stars

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Archived - Frank Sanns. Air Plasma and Fusion Stars

Post by Frank Sanns » Sun Jan 11, 2004 3:02 am

First picture: Air plasma. Outer grid is 10" diameter lattice grid and inner is 3.5 inch diameter lattice grid.

Second picture: 3.5" lattice grid running higher power (800 watts). Only a faint diffuse star can be seen.

Third picture: 1.75" inner grid. Star is still difuse but is now clearly visible.

Fourth Picture: 1" inner grid. Fusion star with nicely defined star.

Fifth picture: 0.75" inner grid with minimum number of wires for anything that can look like a star.

Conclusion: Smaller grids give more visible stars but even very small grids need to have enough symmetry and look enough like a sphere to give good stars. I have no reliable data on fusion efficiency vs grid size but will I will be measuring that on future runs.

Frank Sanns
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