Deuterium Gas Dryer--stacked Peltiers on the Web

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Deuterium Gas Dryer--stacked Peltiers on the Web

Post by russssellcrow » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:55 pm

Progress to date:

2-14-2021 Deuterium Gas Dryer--We are repurposing the Peltier dryer from a Heidelberg PrimeSetter 102 compressor dryer unit. We stacked Peltier elements to augment cooling to below -40'C in the brass chiller cube. There is a thermocouple to measure temp, and dual inline filters of 25um and 0.1um to insure that no foreign particle or ice crystals enter the reactor chamber. The Dryer will operate at 1 Barr of pressure. We use our ESP32 Wifi OLED instrumentation controller to drive MOSFETs in 12Volt PWM to chill the Peltier stack, and measure temperature from the thermocouple. The ESP32 will present a Webpage for access and control like our other dataloggers (Geiger Counter, Scintillator, He3 Neutron Detector, and Mass Flow Controller) ... _Dryer.jpg
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