Nathan Marshall - Fusor Progress

Current images of fusor efforts, components, etc. Try to continuously update from your name, a current photo using edit function. Title post with your name once only. Change image and text as needed. See first posting for details.
Cai Arcos
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Re: Nathan Marshall - Fusor Progress

Post by Cai Arcos » Wed May 27, 2020 7:43 pm


Thanks for the data. Hopefully once finals are over and the components arrive I will get to do some work.
With regards to the video, a great and clear presentation. I didn't know you were behind Gooferking Science! I remember around 4 years ago seeing your Electron Acceleraton in a Wine bottle and being bewildered. Having some experience with electronics and done a lot of reading about physics (most of which I did not understand) and being in general lost about the relation of the things I read in textbooks and the things I studied in real life, seeing something real, simple and yet so elegant was amaizing.

Keep up the good work!

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Nathan Marshall
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Re: Nathan Marshall - Fusor Progress

Post by Nathan Marshall » Thu May 28, 2020 4:07 pm

It sure is a small world on this fusor forum! I was just talking to Mark Rowley about how his cathode ray tube videos from 10 years ago were what inspired me to build mine. Yes, my channel was previously named Gooferking Science... a silly name that I came up with back when I was a kid first making YouTube videos in 2012! I changed it to Science Marshal (a play on words with my last name) for a bit more professionalism. Now it’s a channel name I feel comfortable bringing up in a job interview! I am glad that you enjoyed the old wine bottle plasma videos. I agree that it is a great demo setup since it demonstrates the physics concepts but is simple to build and easy to understand. It was a perfect first vacuum and high voltage project. Thanks for the support and I look forward to hearing about your progress with the high voltage supply once your finals are over.

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