Rob Osterman - Fusor Progress

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Rob Osterman
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Rob Osterman - Fusor Progress

Post by Rob Osterman » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:26 am


I've been reading the Fusor forums on and off for a number of years and started piecing together parts just over a year ago. It's been a long road for me and I've enjoyed watching the new design approaches and discoveries using smaller chambers. It still feels like there is a lot of ideas to explore with building a Fusor.

My setup so far --

Chamber: 2.75" Conflat 6 way cross
Feedthrough: 30kv rated feedthrough.
Vacuum Gauge: MKS 901P
Power Supply: Spellman XLF60N600 60kv power supply.
Diffusion Pump: Veeco 4530-009
Main Pump: Precision DDC310 with 1/2hp motor.
Deuterium Line Hardware: Swagelok SS-4BMRG-VCR Bellows needle valve, SWAGELOK 1/4" FNPT SS Bonnet Needle Valve

The two challenges I'm currently facing -

- Finding or making an adapter for the smaller diameter flange on the copper elbow on the Veeco diffusion pump. There have been a few threads using this pump but it isn't clear if people have been successful with this pump. I'm planning on using my CNC machine to cut out a 1/4" adapter of aluminum and TIG weld an aluminum KF40 fitting. My TIG skills aren't great and I'm worried if the quality of my weld will lead to virtual leaks.

- Fabricating an adapter for the X-ray cable from the power supply to the feedthrough. I need to read more about Richard's HV field control postings as I don't fully understand what gives the feedthrough the rating it has. Would like to run at the full 60kv rating of the power supply but want to understand where the limitations are.

Next steps -
- Finding out what type of oil to use in the diffusion pump and if the cheap stuff from Duniway will work.
- Find a source for a bottle of deuterium and locate a regulator that will work.
- Remaining VCR hardware to connect valves.
- Wiring of vacuum gauge and Spellman control interface.
- Foreline valve, vacuum gauge, and various connecting hardware.
- Designing and building a grid. Finding how to secure it to the feed through.
- Measurement equipment. Currently have two Geiger counters with a Scintellator, Pancake Probe, and Ludlow 44-6 probe. From what I understand, these won't let me accurately count neutrons but will let me track X-rays.

So close but it still feels so far away from first light!

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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Rob Osterman - Fusor Progress

Post by Dennis P Brown » Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:56 pm

Good job getting many important parts together. Excellent chamber system. As for deuterium gas, getting a lecture bottle can be very difficult. As such, many generate their own gas using a cell and heavy water. This is worth looking into (previous successful methods in the forum) as a possible gas source.

As for neutron detection, those detectors you have won't respond to any neutrons at all; it isn't a question of accuracy - neutrons don't interact with those detector types.

I set up a "company", got a company number from the State and was able to purchase a bottle; this may not work anymore. The down side was then I needed to file tax paperwork for a number of years for this semi-real "company" since I did write/submit a few real SBIR's proposals. Worth it for me (required for the SBIR's) but can be a real issue for a few years afterwards, paperwork wise - lol.

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Re: Rob Osterman - Fusor Progress

Post by Brandon_Cruz » Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:14 pm

Any updates? Looks very similar to what I have going on as well. Good luck!

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