Opinions on Cad Models of Fusor

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Finley Blaine
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Opinions on Cad Models of Fusor

Post by Finley Blaine » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:49 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been working on some basic cad of the chamber for a while now and decided to get this post out for opinions, as I have an opportunity to use a mill to cut the flats of the main cylinder for the chamber.

The model is still in early stages but it should give enough of an idea.

A view of the main chamber and diffusion pump assembly. The left port will connect to the two vacuum gauges via a tee, The top is a gas inlet for air and helium for demo fusor testing and could function as a deuterium input. The right is a HV feedthrough of my own design. The chamber outer diameter is Ø199mm and internally Ø170mm. The internal depth is 80mm. I haven't designed the viewport yet but I am currently sourcing some lead glass, the dimensions of which i don't know yet. Although this isn't necessary for normal demo fusor usage, i do have the parts to make a supply at 20kvdc and 5ma, of which it would be needed.

Side view of the same assembly. you can more clearly see the valve-chamber interface here: two aluminium discs with rubber gaskets sandwiched in between. Note the cuts in the tube round the ceramic in the HV feedthrough. I plan to clamp the ceramic to the tube just by tightening a hose clamp around.

A closer view of the chamber:

Can I also have opinions on the feedthrough design. The white is porcelain and the grey is aluminium. The red center conductor is Ø2.4mm tungsten welding rod that goes right to the grid. The outer porcelain rod is Ø20mm outer and Ø15mm inner. Any estimates on the kind of voltage this can withstand? The channels are for o-rings, but only the top and outer one hold a vacuum, the other two are just to hold that particular assembly in place

The blank for the chamber wall: the part that i can machine the flats on soon

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Andrew Robinson
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Re: Opinions on Cad Models of Fusor

Post by Andrew Robinson » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:58 pm

I am always happy to see more people using CAD. Looking good! Lets see some renders now.
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