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Re: Hamfest booty

Post by Richard Hull » Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:59 pm

Back in 2004 as I built fusor IV is used one of these excellent ion/penning gauges to read my diff pump vacuum. I picked up a few of these gauge tubes with matching controllers back in 2002 at a hamfest and finally used them as I constructed fuosr IV

I found them perfect for moderately deep vacuums (10e-4 to 10e-5). Once I obtained my .1 torr heated barocell gauge, I ditched the ion gauge system as the barocell is gas independent.

The key is the mated controller for these fine Penning gauges. Get them together if you can.

The convectron is great for air but is absolute crap without the related gas specific correction look-up tables. I like the convectron as it goes atmosphere to almost submicron. I was planning on using it for my homemade GM tube work but with Argon it is in the next galaxy to obtain the 30-50 torr fill pressure. I just latched onto a 100 torr barocell for $25 at a hamfest and will kick the convectron tube and controller system to the curb.

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