Some quantum tunneling humor

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Some quantum tunneling humor

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:39 pm

Well, those in the know here understand that physical collisions of deuterons to produce fusion is a misnomer. Such "head-on" smashups are not how fusors in the 25-50kv applied range do fusion. Quantum tunneling is how we git er' done. Naturally, a full and working knowledge of quantum mechanics or electrodynamics is not needed to do fusion. The entire concept of quantization is foreign to common sense and quantum tunneling seems a rude work around, but must be accepted as the current understanding of how we do fusion.

Early on, when the quantum theory was young, the Schrodinger Cat thought experiment was posited. For those of us who understand this proposed idea, I submit this bit of visual humor.

In furthering the humor, the cat probably hopes the decaying isotope that will kill him is a very small sample of bismuth 209, which has a high probability of allowing him to live out a normal life in the box. (T1/2 = 2 X 10e19 years)

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