X-ray transformer "fun" and future HV supply.

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X-ray transformer "fun" and future HV supply.

Post by Thomas Henderson » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:05 am

Well I finally got some time to play, so it was time to crack open one of my X-ray transformers I picked up surplus (they set me back about $100 each) They come from a local guy, who upgrades doctors offices to new machines, so transformers, heads, and other bits and bobs hit the surplus channels from time to time. I started with the one on the right, as it is a little newer, and has labels. I figure this thread Is a great place to document the progress.

Top view
Next came the task of opening it... I was worried with lugs on the top, and side of this thing, how I was ever going to get this thing apart. Turns out I hit the transformer lottery with this thing. I took the clamps off, and Gave a little lift, to see what moved. The top lifted off with ease. revealing diodes!! Along with some current monitoring transformers. The best part was the HV transformer remained safely in the bottom of the oil.
A quick poke around to test the transformer. I didn't want to stick my hands, or probes down there, as its oily...
After some probing, this is what I found, I have 2 posts labeled PA with what looks to be the old power leads attached. the 2 posts labeled PB have jumpers going to PA leads. I'm assuming this is the primary terminals.
now to find the center tap, or taps??? I have 2 posts labeled 130m and 140m 130m gives me about 3k ohms to the left side, and 140m gives me about 3k to the right side, and is tied to ground.

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