ITER Fusion Reactor & European Fusor Meeting

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ITER Fusion Reactor & European Fusor Meeting

Post by Werner Engel » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:05 pm

I've been to France to visit the construction site of ITER (

To keep it short: It is massive! It is gigantic!!

Here is one of the pictures I took (view to the reactor pit with the huge clean-room style assembly hall in the background) - but there is much more to tell. I could speak hours describing the project.
If you are interested - come and visit us at the "European Fusor Meeting":

We will talk about our fusor projects and there is the possibility to visit the ITER break out session. It will cover almost every important internal system of the future reactor and sketch a few ideas how to integrate some of them in our fusors.
iter pit.JPG

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