Accelerator service

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Accelerator service

Post by John Futter » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:35 am

Our 3MV accelerator needed service that vertical brown resistor above and to the left of the ion source went open circuit for some reason. This is the focus potential supply to the top of the column and the resistor is 1 gigohm.
so the terminal dome has been removed and several equi-potential rings slid down to allow access to the terminal eletronics.
So to check the ion source and potentials the machine is started ie belt going around at 40MPh so that the generator at the terminal provides power to terminal electronics.
Picture shows a helium beam being produced. (note the wrong color helium should be blue but we have just refilled the small bottle in the terminal so the beam is Helium and residual air in the ion source)
We can generate three different beams in the ion source D2 H2 and He with a small bottle of each up in the terminal you can just see two of the small cylinders top right He is bright SS with a red H2 behind

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