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The View from M&M Fusion

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:28 am
by docmills

We wanted to give an update on the construction of our demo fusor. Our garage is starting to look like a functional laboratory for science again. It's about time after moving earlier this summer.

We scored a two stage vacuum pump on an industrial rubber lined table with a laboratory grade bell jar with protective wire cage. We are in process of running a 220 electrical line and box to the garage. We have also acquired a variable transformer, neon sign transformer, and a big spark plug to insulate the inner grid. We have fabricated the stainless steel plate of the bell to accommodate the inner and exterior grids compliments of the local tool and die shop.

We are fabricating the grids this week and will construct and AC to DC power inverter shortly.

Hopefully the next images are our pre-test hookups and first plasma run.

Thanks for all of the informative threads on the forum and for your support and advice.

Yours in Science,

David and Jackson