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Fusor Power Supply

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:13 pm
by Dennis P Brown
Well, having the delay for the fusor chamber window has given me time to finish the 32 kV 25 milli-amp negative supply; here is the finished unit at its max voltage of 32/33 kV. The high voltage is set using a variac, which is in the lower section of the case. The unit has a master on switch (red lighted square switch) and a simple 'toggle' on/off high voltage enable switch for safety. The milliamp meter is a analog while the voltage gauge is, of course, digital. The unit uses standard 120 volt AC. The milli-ampmeter reads off the positive side of the diode bridge and goes to ground. The case has its own independent ground from the wall outlet ground; again, for improved safety. The outlet ground is under 0.3 ohms and the case ground is 75 ohms when the systems aren't linked. This is to reduce issues of ground loops. All HV failures will be directed to the 'case' ground; the bridge and AC systems are directed to the outlet ground. Both grounds are cross-link in the event of failure of any single ground.