Further fusion efforts for Jack and Scott

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Jack Rosky
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Further fusion efforts for Jack and Scott

Post by Jack Rosky » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:23 pm

Hello All!
I'd just like to introduce this post as where Scott and I will show our continued efforts to more fusion and towards a better system. Today we had another successful day at NJIT and got some more fusion as well as a better moderator (HDPE blocks thanks to Tim Koeth). We took a video that shows more sustained fusion and more counts than prior runs!
You will hear Scott Moroch's voice doing the explanation and Jack Rosky (me) in the background controlling the gas and throttling the vacuum valve.

Our current method of running the fusor does yield more reliable runs, but does waste a lot of deuterium, so we are working on fine tuning the process.
Thanks very much!
-Jack Rosky
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Richard Hull
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Re: Further fusion efforts for Jack and Scott

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:27 am

Once you do fusion and get the hang of running a fusor, only then can fine tuning your process begin. Glad to see this natural and correct progression taking place here. Good work, good luck. You guys seem to be doing good science and recognizing the need for artifice in good operation.

Each year on the 15th of September I start to wrangle my fusor back to life after a period of inactivity so that it performs well at HEAS. Today was such a trial. After three hours from startup, the very best I could squeeze out of fusor IV was about 50,000n/s at 40kv.

The system plumbing and the oils are all full of crap that needs purging. Tomorrow it WILL improve and the day after, get better still. 40 kv is about where I can usually get close to 1 million n/s!

Repeated daily operation always shows improvement here.

Richard Hull
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