Quaid Hawkins - Plasma and Progress

Current images of fusor efforts, components, etc. Try to continuously update from your name, a current photo using edit function. Title post with your name once only. Change image and text as needed. See first posting for details.
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Mark Rowley
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Re: Quaid Hawkins - Plasma and Progress

Post by Mark Rowley » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:30 pm

Lol…. In time I’ll come up with a better name. YouTube is the wild west compared to here so I’m not too keen on using my real name over there.

Regarding the video, it’s a prime example of learning how to operate or drive a fusor. When the video was made I had yet to learn the full capabilities of the power supply, the “sweet spot” for vacuum and deuterium flow, purging the lines, and how to slowly walk up the voltage (hence the low count rate). That ignorance, which we all possess at the beginning, is totally evident. It was only a couple weeks after that video where all the above was learned and activation capable numbers began to surface.

Quaid, if you’re interested, I can give you more detail on how to get those numbers up for activation if that’s the route you’d like to take.

Mark Rowley

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Richard Hull
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Re: Quaid Hawkins - Plasma and Progress

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:45 pm

You will just have to hang in there and listen to folks like the old time operators who have suffered the "learning curve" particular to their own fusors. Generalizations can indeed be made to assist in learning how to start, operate and control an amateur fusor. However, each fusor may and often does have individual quirks. (geometry, size, vacuum control issues, gas flow issues, sealing issues, etc.) First time control issues are as common as the sea sickness and each must get his "sea legs" over time.

Richard Hull
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