Paper on Grid construction by C. Farnsworth

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Paper on Grid construction by C. Farnsworth

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:08 pm

I have looked at the paper by Conrad Farnsworth, (recent File Forum post), and find it a laudable effort, but a bit confusing and the conclusions drawn, subject to some discussion.

The issues I have are ones of suitable controls and repeatability along with "apples and oranges" comparisons.

First of all, if we assume the possibility of deuteron surface implanting and subsequent beam-target fusion which, while minimal, would still allow for more beam-target fusion with the larger surface area grid, (the winner in this case). Thus the apples and oranges comparison.

Where were the strict controls? Same absolute run time, pressure of D2 after a controlled idle period of operation with all grids having the exact same voltage and exact same current applied for the exact same period during all data runs. I saw little or no discussion of currents in the runs which I consider hyper critical. (More current more deuterons and more x-rays at any given voltage) All of this goes to control and repeatability issues that I had with this paper.

The above were key issues and beg more investigation and may make this paper subject to much criticism with respect to its claimed results.

Undertaking a useful study like this requires extreme controls to be in place, but does offer interesting thoughts related to exposed surface and beam-target fusion at relatively low voltage levels if any value at all is to be taken from this effort.

The large surface could be a cause of increased counts produced due to x-rays as opposed to neutrons. Many open issues here, again, related to unknown currents in the tests.

My thoughts. What say other learned amateur fusioneers who have operated fusors who can talk the talk and walk the walk?

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