Back to building. Now with a new design.

This forum is for other possible methods for fusion such as Sonolumenescense, Cold Fusion, CANR/LENR or accelerator fusion. It should contain all theory, discussions and even construction and URLs related to "other than fusor, fusion".
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Re: Back to building. Now with a new design.

Post by jaaz95 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:03 pm

The original plan was that if this doesn't work out, have it re configurable to be a straight linac. Which is really really easy to do. I've wanted to play with a linac for a while but i figured before I do that, See if I can get some research done on how these things work for fusion between two beams. It's almost nice being one of far fewer working on this design because there's more untested territory. Sure that makes it harder but it also makes it more fun. That said I know there are plenty of challenges to work out. I'm very well aware of that. But I have no intention of giving up just because it's hard. If i did I'd be back where I was when I gave up the first time.

I'll probably look into an rf linac but I honestly doubt i'll ever build it. That said, who knows. And for detection I'm not sure what i'll use. I'll see what's viable. Would a bubble dosimeter be too "weak" to detect from this setup? I remember Will working with a very sensitive scintillater that seemed to work well. May give that a go. But the idea is to keep everything as low cost as possible. So the cheapest and most elegant solutions are the ones i'm looking for.

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