Cold Fusion - URL - Some basic links to cold fusion info.

This forum is for other possible methods for fusion such as Sonolumenescense, Cold Fusion, CANR/LENR or accelerator fusion. It should contain all theory, discussions and even construction and URLs related to "other than fusor, fusion".
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Cold Fusion - URL - Some basic links to cold fusion info.

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Apr 06, 2004 1:58 pm

There are thousands of cold fusion sites. Most are whacked out, new energy wanna-be's. You must exercise common sense, good judgement and whack away with Ocam's razor as you plow into this stuff.

I can help. Known good researchers in the CF area are Edmund Storms, O.M.Bockris and the Chubbs (NRL) among others.

If you are here you are interested at least. The following URL is a source of other pointers and should be explored freely. Check out the general CF Info. and the Technical Information hot buttoms at the top of the screen and follow those to others. Among the best is the Other Sources button, but you follow this stuff for hours. Regardless, you WILL find stuff of extreme interest.

Ed Storms site is great

You must read his article "My life with cold fusion as a reluctant mistress" on his site. It shows the heaven and hell of this scientific chase written by a Phd (Storms) who has immersed himself in this for over 13 years!!

Another good Storms paper at his site....Cold Fusion - An Objective Assesment. perhaps the best paper for a quick rinse in CF history and where it stands today.

Storms has written a 2003 captivating, students guide to LENR-CANR that is a must read. His early summary in the paper of what seems to be happening is perhaps devine insight or the result of a guy who is throwing in the towel on looking at the subject through the eye of conventional science. Check it out.

The massive and useful CANR/LENR site is, of course....


What do I think? I think something is afoot. I don't know what, but I will listen to any rational experimental work and consider most theories that don't stray too far from credibility. I believe that natural bio systems have been doing this stuff forever. This may mean the energy is limited to the kind of output needed for bio systems. Of special interest are the CANR-LENR reactions showing up. Cold fusion is a precursor to this stuff and might not pan out as a sustainable or even usable energy source, but I'll reserve judgement there.

My gut feeling, clear of the worry of science or having to back up what I am saying is that this CF - CANR - LENR fabric presents the possibility of a completely new science where phyicists, chemists and biologists will find a merging of disciplines. As long as the sciences have their narrow specialists, little will be done to further the field.

Physicists pooh-pooh the whole thing because it violates virtually every tenant of their carefully fabricated nuclear theory. Chemists and Electrochemists were the discoverers and early researchers, but the physics that they felt must be at the core was beyond them. Biologists are looked at as being about two steps away from witch doctors by "hard science types". Only a tiny few biologists are looking for CF mechanisms in nature. No matter who looks they are in for a rough ride both inside and outside their discipline as colleages ostrasize them and outside scientists laugh at them as being pitiably ill-equipped in their respective cross disciplinary fields. Net result.....inaction, obfuscation, ridicule and academic bigotry in heaping helpings. If you gotta' pay bills, you don't make waves, you stay on the straight and narrow accepted road.

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