It may be difficult to separate "theory" from "application," but let''s see if this helps facilitate the discussion.
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Carl & Richard

I simple report my findings even when not believed. Many failures are not reported and I do make mistakes.

I am getting high energy pulses of single figure nanosec- you can rectify a magnetron o/p to get a pulse train, I have done this. - try building a differiental sparkgap - two outer electrodes and a central ( wire loop ) grounded one and then backfill with D2 - gives interesting results on discharge or have you expertise building sparkgaps?

There are experts on this site who have never have built something before this week but will be an expert in the subject with several years standing -next week.

Have you ever built a crowbar circuit for pulses? - a simple yes or no will suffice.

Opps! it seems one is not allowed to disagree with Richard but his wisdom is sound and valued even if he may not have experience in some aspect of a particular subject. As he says ;- ' If we don't challenge you, the physics of it all will '

I am not interested in peer review or a Jocelyn Bell ( also from N.Ireland ) secnario and if not believed on something - so be it, but I see the forum as a venue for the presentation of ideas and results based on experiment however strange - perhaps I'm wrong. What's wrong with fantasizeing - it gets you out of the box .

'The law isn't about what you can and cannot describe, it's about what you can and cannot DO.' - try living in N.Ireland you will find it is otherwise it has a long history of thought censureship even of press suppression.

Emitting any Ionising radiation, even from a sealed test sources, without a licence is against the law here and issue of a licence leeds to the premises being recorded as a nuclear site and published as such with subsequent value downgrade.
To admit to producing such would lead to problems. If you don't believe this, ask a barrister at the Temple - he will charge you a large fee to tell you the same.

Oh well! onward and upward.

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