Differentially Pumped System

It may be difficult to separate "theory" from "application," but let''s see if this helps facilitate the discussion.
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Differentially Pumped System

Post by teslapark » Mon Jul 30, 2001 9:52 pm

It is interesting to hear that Bob Hirsh worked with pressure differential fusor, While I was on vacation last month I turned over a similar idea in my head, but with no ion guns.

I thought about more or less turning a middle ionizer grid into a "wall" (pourous wall, i.e. calibrated leak). This could be brought up to a few positive kilovolts and ionize D2 located between the ionizer wall and the chamber wall (grounded). Deuterons could leak in through tiny holes in the wall and then fall through a full potential well into the collision point.

If this system would work it seems it would cut down on neutral collision, recombination, etc because the inner chamber environment would consist mainly of dueterons.

The pressure could conceivably be very low in the inner chamber as no ionization need occur there. As a matter of fact, the lower the pressure the better, as cathode current would get in the way more than it would help.

Maybe the deuterons would have a hard time making it through the holes in the ionizer wall without recombining, but I would think that if the pressure differential is good enough to force the gas in the outer chamber into the inner chamber, then the electrons would just crash into the positive wall while the ions (positively charged) would travel through the center of the holes, repelled by the wall, just as the electron beam does coming out the cathode.

I haven't really thought about how to make a fusor like this work, I know that differentially pumping a system is far beyond the capabilities is have right now, and even if the theory is right it would take alot of tricky finessing to get it working well at all.

I just thought I'd throw out some brain bilge to anyone who might find it interesting.

Adam Parker


Re: Differentially Pumped System

Post by guest » Tue Jul 31, 2001 3:25 pm

Your idea has merit, but with no real kinetic energy, the deuterons would most likely recombine and that would be a heating current. It would be tough to make the shell you speak of pourous and still have the deuterons not recombine.

I still think the idea has merit if a special injector cone system might be able to be fabricated into the shell. (Real difficult to do, but possible, I would think.)

Richard Hull

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