Thoughts on RF, NMR, and a Farnesworth-based thruster

It may be difficult to separate "theory" from "application," but let''s see if this helps facilitate the discussion.
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Thoughts on RF, NMR, and a Farnesworth-based thruster

Post by bigattichouse » Wed Sep 08, 2021 1:11 pm

I've been working on an unrelated NMR/MRI project for a while now to learn more about how it works. It's led me down some thought experiments, but I don't have a fusor to test them.

In summary, when you get an MRI, Hydrogen ions in your body are held in a gradient magnetic field, to which an RF signal is pulsed at specific intervals. When the energetic H+ ions "relax" they release RF energy which is then processed by Fast Fourier to produce an image. If held at a constant, the frequency is ~42.5MHz/Tesla (This scales linerally). If pulsed at one frequency/field, and the field changes the relaxation pulse will happen at a new frequency depending on the new field. So if 1T field initially (42.5MHz), then the field changes to 0.5T, the relaxation will pulse at ~21.25MHz.

When these pulses occur, the H+ ions get "flipped over and lined up", and then a second pulse at 90 degrees forces them to sync rotations.

This started me thinking about Farnseworth Fusors, and if the fusion occurred when the H+ ions were perpendicular, parallel, or spin reversed. I know the H+ ions in the fusor are "orbiting", and I thought it might be interesting to see if a magnetic "tunnel" and RF signal tuned to the Larmor Frequency for H^2 (6.53566 MHz/T) might be able to enhance the fusion. By having a "tunnel" with the changing field as the ions orbit through the system, it might be possible to load the H^2 with energy in a lower state, and then force them into a stronger field when they release their energy - hopefully coinciding with fusion to cascade the effect.

So even if stuff under unity, I started thinking this might be an interesting way to create a Hall-Effect style thruster.. Sure - you're throwing off these ions, but if they travelled through a magnetic ring/tunnel, where you pumped them full of RF, the resulting fusion might help with energy transfer and thrust capability.

I realize this is a bit handwavy, but didn't know if anyone has tried overlapping RF+Magnetic fields in their fusors for an MRI-like effect.

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Re: Thoughts on RF, NMR, and a Farnesworth-based thruster

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:31 pm

Some interesting points, however at the amateur level the fields needed are more or less not available to even the well heeled amateur here. The actual work you might outline here would need millions to pursue actively even at the smallest scale with the vigor and commitment required to answer you surmise and musings to a scientific answer. It is understood you are just theorizing and that is what this forum is for.

Interesting theories of great complexity, even if they make sense, demand experiment to take forward to a real physical embodiment and that means money, a dedicated person, (spark plug, spearhead). If such a program is begun, as things start to gel, more money than originally predicted must be made available by an inspired source of the original capital provider. "Go fund me" efforts will not cut it.

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