Quantum world views - It's what make fusion happen

It may be difficult to separate "theory" from "application," but let''s see if this helps facilitate the discussion.
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Quantum world views - It's what make fusion happen

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Aug 22, 2020 8:59 pm

Is it important to know and understand Quantum physics to do fusion?...Absolutely not! It is important, however, to have a rudimentary understanding of its principles. We need to understand how "Quantum uncertainty", and in our case, "Quantum tunneling" aids us and yet limits energy producing fusion. These quantized functions have an iron grip on the fusion process in the world of the small.

We all have to accept that fusion, at our level of performance or perhaps at any level, is due to quantum level interactions and uncertainties, which at the core, are 100% probabilistic in a quirky and very spooky way. When all the smoke clears, we are rolling the dice in a quantum world and hoping for a real world result of some benefit, (creating useful energy).

It is painfully obvious that we are not having one round solid ball deuteron impact flawlessly, head-on, with another deuteron at some energy "X" that is well known to create fusion. We know that is not true and will never happen. Even such idealistic head-on collisions in a hail of particles, would turn back into a probability solution, but at least a totally predictable, non-spooky fashion.

The real research at the real world level shows that direct hits, even at full fusion energy, may not result in a fusion. Full fusion energy is usually about where fission, or in our case, D-D "stripping" via the Oppenheimer-Philips reaction occurs. We do fusion at such a low energy level that we are forced to rely totally on "Quantum tunneling". Fusion, for us, is totally probabilistic, but at a rather spooky quantum level which we can't control, but can direct in a real world fashion by creating a super complicated, many body, energetic environment which, due to its quantum nature, does fusion.

Quantum theory, in our case, is not of single, joined or bound system of particles at room temperature where total stability reigns, as in a kernel of corn. We work in a "densified" group of totally unbound, yet somewhat confined, recirculating, energetic single entities of the same charge that do not want to come together! Fusion, be it thermal plasma heating or electrostatically confined fusible fuel, will remain a losing crap shoot with "containment" of the complex single particle, electrostatically repellent assemblage! The weakness of all fusion systems is due to quantum uncertainty or Quantum tunneling, in our case.

Containment of the repelling particles at usable fusion energies and density is the ultimate problem in doing useful fusion. This issue is yet to be solved, as all such grossly imbalanced, energetic systems seek to find their lowest energy state. (cool down or leak away into an unbound state)

Fusion "cross sections" are a symbol of, and the ultimate limiting factor in fusion. These cross sections are all based on observed quantum fusion probabilities at varying energies of two body, "tunneling" collisions among many particles. Fusion can even occur with a non-contact very close pass-by or approach.

Quantum theory is, itself, a usable model, only, and not a fixed edifice as is discussed at some length in this article in Scientific American.

https://www.scientificamerican.com/arti ... ket-newtab

Enjoy straining your brain a bit. Newbies without the chops to follow might find all this a bit confusing. You will see even the mighty are out there thinking. As they learn or believe they have learned, they then tell us what to think in the classroom. Fail at understanding and you will not make the grade. College "pass-men" are just that.... pass-men, like me, who are there to be hired in better jobs than the rest of the herd. The best part of college was to be teaching you to think, question and know how to ferret out data to help you think deeper and better. Once out of college, it is to work and family, buying a home, paying bills and only old farts like me, in retirement, dare try to think deeply again. But alas, it is often too late and a vanity to take to the grave.

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Re: Quantum world views - It's what make fusion happen

Post by Dennis P Brown » Sun Aug 23, 2020 12:08 pm

Excellent overview of the fusor process. Certainly, not a process that has any real analogy in the real world so can be a bit weird for most people to accept.

As for us older folks continuing to think (education), that is also one of the best ways to keep the mind sharp. Your continued and improved experiments in fusor induced activation are both impressive and inspiring; that too keeps one sharp, as well.

Scientific American (and started my subscription, finally, again) is still the best general science magazine for people of a scientific bend who can handle more than the average level.

And with google, little excuse for anyone to not figure out how to cross check and learn rather than accept what their too often believed to be 'betters' on the internet tend to post with no proof. All one has to do is maintain an open mind, and do some simple research (i.e. invest a tiny bit of intellectual effort rather than accept these pronouncements - even if it supports one's world view.) But hey, stay off my lawn ...oops, freudian slip ;) .

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