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Got Phosphor?

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2001 7:14 pm
by Richard Hull
For those stary eyed folks looking to make hornyak buttons, BC-720 work alikes, etc., you must obtain good phosphor of known quality and form.

Got any sources? I have checked, and while some of my old sources are no longer around, ZnS (Ag) phosphor was around 130.00/ounce! That is enough to do about 200 CRTs!

In this day and age, the availability of small quantities of anything is dwindling. The mentality is sweeping over the land for suppliers that "if you can't buy a ton don't ask for a pound". The few suppliers who will still sell small quantities usually work on a 200% profit basis. I recently ordered 100 lbs of tin so I could get 25 pounds. The stuff was $8.60/lb in 100 weigh or 17.00/lb in 1 lb bars. It seems the phosphor folks are of this mindset also. ( I have been selling the extra tin at $10.50/lb to friends and associates.) Most small jobbers with published prices, over price such metals as the markets are volatile.

Make your own phosphors? Maybe, but I haven't seen the epitome of the process of this particular phosphor yet in print.

Old phosphor or scourged phosphor is a possibility, but the age and history of a phosphor can affect its performance. The active sites just sort of die with time and exposure to radiation and gases in the atmosphere.

If I turn up any credible, reasonably priced sources, I will post the info on the source here.

So, I once again query, as in the milk commercial

Got Phosphor?

Richard Hull

Re: Got Phosphor?: Yup!!

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2001 9:46 am
by guest
Early this year when Richard Hester mentioned Hornyak buttons in the mk1 Fusor Consortium, I was able to obtain a few grams of ZnS(Ag) and ZnSiO4(Mn) phosphors from an English company: Phosphor Technology as samples. The CEO Gerry Sorce was kind enough to send them for evaluation as suitable scintillator phosphors. If I remember correctly the price for zinc silicate with manganese doping was around 170 UK pounds for a half kilo (about a pound weight) assuming it's fit for the purpose. Gerry was extremely helpful with information, if anyone is interested I could post data sheets for scintillator phosphors attached to this post along with ZnS(Ag) safety hazards sheet.

Mark Harriss

Got Phosphor?: Yup!!: phosphor list

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2001 9:59 am
by guest
I forgot to attach the phosphor listing image in the previous post, I'm not sure whether it's correct ettiquette to do this here instead of in the Images Du Jour thread.

Re: Got Phosphor?: Yup!!: phosphor list

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2001 4:24 am
by Richard Hull
It is good to hear that someone has found a source for reasonably priced phosphors. That is really a good price. I am sure there might be a little duty on the pound of material coming into the US, but for the phosphorically inclined it is a small obstacle.

Richard Hull