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LND pancake GM tube

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2001 8:41 pm
by Richard Hull
I have posted the URL for LND inc. on the "Interesting Links" forum.

The LND #7311 pancake GM tube is incredible and cheap, for the price. ($75.00)

On their site, they have the data sheet and recommended front end circuit. You'll still need an amp, but a normal audio amp will be fine. I have purchased from them numerous times in the past.

Spend some time there looking over th' goodies.

If you pick up the pancake, be real careful for broken mica windows are not covered under any form of warranty and a rifle shot compression wave near the item will over pressure the window causing it to collapse. Given easy care and good treatment, it will be one of your most sensitive detectors.

Note* Those with geiger counters which have old 1B85 beta only detectors, which have adjustable voltage detector supplies or who have fully equipped NIM bins can readily use the alpha-beta-gamma pancake detector with little adaptation.

Richard Hull