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NIM data bonanza

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2001 3:26 am
by Richard Hull
Wanna' be a Mr. Smartie Pants when it comes to NIM stuff?

Want to take the numbness out of NIMness?

well check out:

This is the mother load of NIM data online.

Ortec is now held by EG&G but still does its original NIM thing.

At their home page a lot of down loadable stuff is just itchin' to be printed out.

I clicked on their module pix and got data on all their NIM modules and printed out all the "Tutorials" associated with each type of module. This assembled into a logical manual of about 13 sections on the functions of each basic module. ( ~ 70 pages.)

I next started copying the app notes document AN34

This baby is 178 pages and is a series of well defined experiments in nuclear science all huddled around real world applications for NIM modules! It is a laboratory manual of nuclear metrologists and physicists looking to understand measurement techniques and hardware. Fantastic!

I may be singin' to th' choir here, but you will need a choir of paper to have hardcopies in hand of all the neat and usable stuff contained here.

I'm still a printin'

Richard Hull

Re: NIM data bonanza

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2001 12:07 am
by Tom Dressel
This indeed a major help for helping the neophite like me understand the NIM maze.

I should have my deuterium tomorrow, and I have been UPS tracking the SCA from Virginia to the frozen tundra of Minnesota. It should be here tomorrow.

There are some major buy opportunites coming up, three hamfest's in Minnesota, in Aug, Sept, and the really BIG event on Oct 27, in St. Paul. It is the largest hamfest in the five state area, held in the Civic Center, normally reserved a The Rolling Stones concert or a tractor pull. 3M has an auction every month and their major equipment sale is in October.

I am confident that I can find the necessary goodies to count neutrons, and it really helps to know what to look for!