Re Vacuum Tube Workshop

For the design and construction details of ion guns, necessary for more advanced designs and lower vacuums.
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George Schmermund
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Re Vacuum Tube Workshop

Post by George Schmermund » Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:04 am

Carl - Thanks for the positive comments! I've shifted this thread over to here so that we don't get scolded for having a discussion in the trading post forum. The Museum is exceedingly UNequipped for this project, but their spirits are high. The website images are of one of the labs I have at home. The equipment for the workshop project is now coming out of storage and is slowly being setup and plumbed and wired in. This will be a great adventure and all involved are enthusiastic.

There is a Maker Place here in town, but I haven't approached them yet. The response from having placed a couple of posts in different forums has already filled the first few workshops if I keep them to just 5 attendees each. I think the real jackpot will be the ham radio clubs. I'm just going to let it coast for the time being.
Anything obvious in high vacuum is probably wrong.

Gleedaniel Martin
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Re: Re Vacuum Tube Workshop

Post by Gleedaniel Martin » Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:07 am

I guess if you really persevere to pursue what you think is best for you, then I am sure that it will lead on your success. Just keep motivated in doing it.

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