Deuterium Accelerator

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Deuterium Accelerator

Post by Dennis P Brown » Mon May 22, 2017 11:08 am

Since I have been running my fusor vacuum system (no deuterium) every week or so (to high vac) to keep it clean, I decided Saturday to try my deuterium accelerator vacuum system (the entire unit has been 'mothballed' for two years now.)

The accelerator - even with all its latest add on's - reached 5 * 10^-6 torr when I tested it which is sufficient to run. So, I am seriously considering that I should give that monster a real test run. I have been highly reluctant to use my 50/60 kV capacitor based stack/multiplier supply that I developed (for this purpose) last year - especially since I have been a bit pre-occupied working on a new neutron detector system; the issue is that the HV multiplier supply is used to charge my super large Van de Graaf generator and if the generator works, that huge globe could be a highly dangerous shock hazard being so close to where I need to operate the accelerator...besides the issues of high flux x-rays with the accelerator which could be an issue when combined with the fact that I haven't tested/measured any flux yet creates too many safety unknowns (I do have an anti-electron back flow system incorporated at the water cooled target head.) So, in sum, I had put this project aside last year despite being 100% finished now.

The fact that I have a working fusor was/is a nice distraction ... lol.

Well, I guess I should at least finally fill the tiny deuterium tank that sits in the head of the accelerator globe. Then see if I can control the deuterium leak rate into the accelerator in such a manner that the operation remains in the mid 10^-6 torr range. If that test works, then I will consider a real test run with power - of course, the shielding will have to be re-installed in that event. Well, gives me something to think about while I start assembly of the new neutron detector system.

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