Hitek 3000 power supply

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Andrew Seltzman
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Hitek 3000 power supply

Post by Andrew Seltzman » Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:24 pm

I recently got an HV power supply on eBay for $50 (big thanks to Wilfried Heil for pointing it out) and just got it working. It is a Hitek 3000 series (custom design based on the OL3000 supply) rated as 20kV 75mA on the front panel but has a 35kV multiplier stack and an accompanying resistive divider on the voltage control knob to keep it in the 20kV range.

Although it was initially designed for 208v 3 phase operation, I have been able to hook it up to 120v single phase after some internal snooping to figure out which phases the logic power supply was connected to. The repair department at Hitek emailed me a manual for free, which included the pin out of the user interface port which includes the interlock terminals.

After everything was connected the power supply worked fine, and I have tested it up to 15kV so far. All that remains is to rewire the multiplier stack for negative output.

For more pictures, see:
http://www.rtftechnologies.org/physics/ ... -power.htm

Andrew Seltzman
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Re: Hitek 3000 power supply

Post by UG! » Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:36 pm

thats a very nice looking supply Andrew, a great find :)
i wish UK ebay was more forthcomeing with PSUs like this, it is proveing to be the biggest obstical in my persuit of fusion :(


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