Neon Sign Transformer (NST) Characteristics

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Re: Neon Sign Transformer (NST) Characteristics

Post by Richard Hull » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:33 am

Un-potting an NST is a filthy, nasty business. I know, I have un-potted as many as 10 of them when Tesla coiling. This work is best carried out in the back yard on many newspapers spread out all over the area that can simply be balled up and discarded after the fact. WD-40 is needed in quart quantities, to clean the core and windings. Great care must be taken or you will ruin the HV secondary connections in removing the tar. This will ruin the entire effort.

Hands will get filthy as the work progresses if gloves are not worn and WD-40 will be needed to clean the hands. Latex gloves will help, but are easily torn handling the sharper metal edges in the process.

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