277 volt power at home

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Re: 277 volt power at home

Post by Rich Feldman » Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:42 pm

For a day or two, I thought the double-NST power supply project might be superseded by something easier and better.
Had stumbled upon a pair of potential transformers at a local industrial auction house.
Nominal high side voltage: 14.4 kV - about the same as my biggest NST's.
Nominal low side voltage: 120 V - easier to deal with than 277 V..
Current limit: none. VA rating: 1500
High-voltage isolation rating: at least 50 kV, maybe it's 100 kV.

Those would be super easy to wire up with full-wave bridge rectifiers on each high side, connected in series, to make a deadly 40 kV (peak) fusor power supply.
Alas, I was too cheap, or not impulsive enough. Somebody else took the lot for $155 at the last minute. Plus 15% buyer's premium and then about 9% sales tax in Alameda County.
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