Power capability question

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Re: Power capability question

Post by Rich Feldman » Thu Jun 17, 2021 2:05 am

For reference, here's the view when two 120V sources have phase difference of 180 degrees. Phase to phase voltage is +/- 340 V (240 V RMS), and DC bus voltage reaches 340 V as we all agree.
Now back to the 3 phase, with load resistor now 50 ohms so average bus current is almost 6 A.
I charted the phase-to-phase voltages on both sides of phase 2, and the current pulses from phase 2 (pink) and the other 2 phases. All peaking at about 30 A in this simplistic model.
Lower picture shows phase 3 disconnected. Capacitor-charging pulses are 3x less frequent. Each surviving phase delivers 50% more charge than before, in 2 instead of 4 pulses per cycle, with current amplitudes approximately doubled.
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