A power driver for pulsed HV system transformers

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A power driver for pulsed HV system transformers

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:59 pm

In the June Bell Jar issue, Steve Hansen features his plasma jet set up and talks about the need for potent high voltage, high frequency drive for the item. In the discussion he alludes to a nice power driver from England. I attach the link URL below. It costs 92 bucks and the specs look interesting and strong. Unfortunately they are closed for covid and the power driver is back ordered according to Steve, who checked it out when he tried to order one.

https://www.rmcybernetics.com/shop/cybe ... lator-ocxi

Check it out. I printed out the manual and it looks very well done, indeed. This puppy will take a wide range of input DC voltages, handle a continuous 300 watts of drive, but you could boost that with a potent FET or IGBT single transistor hooked to the output. It will work from about 0-1.5 mhz!! Variable frequency and duty cycle are part of the rig. It can work with an input switcher DC voltage from 0 to 340 volts. (variac your big separately produced 0-340 volt supply once you find a sweet spot in frequency and duty cycle which your transformer likes.

You will need a high frequency ferrite core transformer in the ideal situation and the usual add-on HV diode multipliers. This driver allows for a lot of flexibility and innovation in a fusor supply situation for the adroit and practiced hand looking to avoid the nightmare of making a good switcher driver.

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