GAST pump and ionization gauge

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Deiter Hanbicki
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GAST pump and ionization gauge

Post by Deiter Hanbicki » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:28 pm

Hello all,

I recently aquired a new pump system and chamber for free, my grandfather had a buisness making vacume tubes in the 80s and I unearthed his old system. I hopeing it all works, some cables are missing and I honestly have no idea what goes where. Pictures are attached below but on the pump there are two loose wires black and white I'm assuming those are power. Then two tubes i cant tell which one is exhause which is other or if they get t connected together. Then on the guage theres a white grey cable labeled TC-1 that I dont know where it goes, one 6 pin female cable ive never seen before in my life and one black cable that doesnt go anywhere and is unlabled. Theres also a power cable. I generally understand the pump but Ive never used a guage like this before and it being so old I cant find anything on it. I know these might be a newbish question but ive scoured the internet already, thanks.
Entire back panel of the guage, the grey tc1 cable has 4 wires in it.
The strange 6 pin
The pump with the wires and two hoses

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Richard Hull
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Re: GAST pump and ionization gauge

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:11 am

You don't have much that is usable, I fear. The pump is absolutely inadequate (diaphram type). The gauge is old and you might not be able to acquire the demanded TC gauge tube. Sorry.

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